Cold cups "reappear the rivers and lakes", several drinks are not suitable for the cup
2019-12-11 15:29:53

After the autumn, the weather started to cool down, and the thermos cups “reappeared again.” Many friends always put drinks into thermos cups in order to drink warm milk and milk tea, but experts reminded that there are 4 kinds of drinks It fits in a thermos cup.

These 4 kinds of drinks cannot be put in a thermos cup

1. Milk

Milk is rich in nutrition, and many people will drink it at any time. However, because milk is rich in nutrients, vitamins and other nutrients are easily destroyed at high temperatures, and the microorganisms in it are also easy to multiply at a suitable temperature, causing corruption and diarrhea. ,stomach ache.

2. High acidity fruit juice

Juices should not be kept hot to prevent damage to the vitamins. In addition, high-acidity fruit juice also easily reacts with the inner wall of the thermos cup, affecting human health.

3. Tea

Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, theophylline, aromatic oil and multivitamins, and it should only be brewed with water at about 80 ° C. If you use a insulated cup to make tea, the tea leaves are easily fermented under high temperature and constant temperature conditions. Vitamins will be destroyed in large quantities, aroma oils will be volatilized, and tannic acid and theophylline will be leached in large amounts. Scent, tea taste bitter, harmful substances increase.

4. Chinese medicine

The acidic substances in traditional Chinese medicine also easily react with the chemicals contained in the inner wall of the thermos cup, and produce harmful substances that harm the body. It is suggested that pottery or enamel containers should be used for Chinese medicine.